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The below information is to supplement your study materials for any upcoming judging tests. There are study aids for compulsories and optionals.
NOTE: These study materials are not published or endorsed by USAG. They have been put together by judges across the nation. While they provide an opportunity to take practice tests/quizzes, always refer to USAG rules for the most up-to-date information.  This page will continue to be updated as new practice tests and study aids become available throughout the change of cycle.

USA Gymnastics has several courses available through their School of Judging, including courses tailored to each level of testing.  The Judge's Accreditation has more information about these courses.

Practice Tests

Level 10 online Practice Test

Level 10/National practice test

Level 4/5 practice test

Level 4/5 practice test

Level 4/5 practice test

Practice Videos
(These videos (courtesy of region 7 RTCC) do not have scores, but provide numerous examples of level 10 routines for practice scripting and judging.)




Judging Charts

Optional Deduction Cards

Optional Symbol Sheets

Compulsory Deduction Charts

Study Tips from the Pros!

Pre-season Reminders: By Linda Thorberg

Preparing for the Test: Cookie Batsch

Clinic Notes: Connie Maloney

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